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PGS Industrial Silencers

Industrial & Marine exhaust suppliers also specialising in canopy refurb, pipework, bellows, & installation of all products. We also offer a wide range of on site work including canopy and silencer refurbishments.


PGS Industrial Silencers has years of experience in developing projects, and takes a hands-on approach to working with clients. Working nationally, we can take your project from design stage through to manufacture and installation, on budget and on time, proving a very simple and cost effective solution to our customers needs.

Our Range of Sliencers

Exhaust Gas Silencer

Exhaust Gas Silencers use relative and absorptive principles, or a combination of both. We provide a wide range of silencers from basic industrial absorptive silencers such as the HSLS range, to the super critical HPRA 2 and 3 range, capable of handling even greater environmental demands.

Spark Arrestor Type Silencer

A substantial number of operating conditions, on both land and at sea, require additional capabilities such as spark arresting and flame control, as well as noise suppression. Our brand of Spark Arrestor Silencers offers full compliance to requirements of EEC 98/37/EC and BS EN 1834-1 machinery directives and all their amendments.

Air Intake Silencer

When a large diesel or gas powered two/four stroke engine or turbine is used, large quantities of air are drawn into the equipment for combustion purposes. These air induction systems may be naturally aspirated or use turbo chargers or compressors to increase the air pressure fed into the fuel mixing chambers or cylinders to increase efficiency or performance.

Recent Projects

We are always working hard to find solutions to noise issues others struggle to solve. These 2Mw engines are only one of the projects we have worked on trying to keep a balance of low noise attenuation and low back pressure down

Together with the help of one of customers finning’s uk and over 45 years of experience we managed to meet every criteria achieving as low as 62@10 on all 60 engines

Throughout years we have come across many challenges of which we always achieved the outcome our customer has wanted. As company we at all times will work together with our customers to achieve what ever they require

Whether its low noise levels, installations advise on different projects we are always ready to help.